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4-H: National 4-H Council

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Opportunity4All PSA

Voice over and time code On-screen Description
00:00:01,360 --> 00:00:06,480
in 4-h we believe talent is 4-H Clover appears on screen and animates off screen as animated lines that go on to illustrate a young boy and girl.
00:00:03,439 --> 00:00:08,559
everywhere but opportunity is not The illustrated young people kneel to pick up a portion of the animated line.
00:00:06,480 --> 00:00:12,880
and the gap this is creating between our kids is only getting wider The boy and girl move further away from one another with the line between them getting wider.
00:00:10,880 --> 00:00:16,480
there are many causes but it mostly comes down to race Between the two young people appear animated line drawings of a mother and father holding hands.
00:00:14,480 --> 00:00:20,000
what their parents earn and where they live Parents disappear and an outline of the United States appears with the two young people sitting at different locations within the country outline before fading away to a single animated line.
00:00:17,600 --> 00:00:25,519
this can mean less investment in schools in after-school programs and in community services The single animated line moves on to animate the outline of a high-school building and three male students standing in front of it. The school and boys animate off the left of the screen with the line continuing to the right.
00:00:23,199 --> 00:00:30,080
it's all made worse by unequal access to education, technology, healthy foods The single line draws pictures of a set of three books, a computer, apple, banana and three pieces of broccoli. The line then grows to cover the entire screen in green.
00:00:26,480 --> 00:00:33,920
and the mentors who inspire our young people A line drawing appears of a student doing remote learning on a laptop with a teacher and other students pictured.
00:00:33,920--> 00:00:40,160
the recent pandemic has pushed some kids pushed some kids even further behind The view of the student turns to the left and reveals a stack of books and another young person sitting idle with legs crossed.
00:00:40,160 --> 00:00:41,040
it's time we provide opportunities for all our kids The idle student gets smaller and smaller in on screen and is connected to the remote learning student by a single line.
00:00:40,160 --> 00:00:48,719
it's time to invest in their potential so they can help our communities and our country thrive The animation zooms in on the idle student who has now stood up and bent down to pick up the animated line that connects them to the remote learning student. The animates zooms in further on the idle student holding the line.
00:00:44,879 --> 00:00:50,719
not in the future right now The screen then fades from green to tan revealing a line drawing of a calendar flipping through the pages of months.
00:00:48,719 --> 00:00:53,920
we believe nothing should hold a kid back and if we all pull together nothing will The calendar fades away revealing two young people holding opposite sides of the animated line. The young people start pulling each of their ends of the line bringing the two of them face to face. Then then grab hands and pull each other side by side one another. The animation then zooms out revealing a larger group of young people locked arm in arm in a line.
00:00:53,920 --> 00:01:01,920
visit 4h.org today and join us The young people fade away to a quick moving animated line that moves to the middle of the screen to create the 4-H clover with the text “Opportuntiy4All” under it.