Bryce's Story

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Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN

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RMHC_Minnesota - BryceExpansionFilm – Transcript: TIME 01:00
Bryce: School started.
I couldn't even make it a full day.
And I would always come home every day and sleep.
Brenda: So we had him to the doctor numerous times.
They did a lot of different tests.
Joe: There's something there.
There's a mass of something there.
Brenda: Chemo, radiation.
You know, and then I think that's when it actually hit.
He has a germ cell tumor
and your whole life is gonna change
and everything's gonna change.
Joe: I have the community back home.
I have the Mayo community,
I have the Ronald McDonald community.
And it's every one of those communities working together.
Places like this are what helps you do it.
A place of hope.
Brenda: Mm-hmm.
Joe: Love,
healing in all aspects.
You're not gonna do it by yourself.