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Christian Freedom International, Inc.

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Christian Freedom International
Serving Persecuted Christians

North Korea
CFI works with North Korean escapees to smuggle food, Bibles and radios – and broadcast Christian radio programs into the closed country.

CFI provides aid, Bible teaching, and safe houses for Christian converts, hidden Christians, and disabled Christians.

Christians in debt bondage are modern-day slaves in brickyards. CFI provides food, Bibles, classes, and church services.

Pakistani Refugees in Bangkok
Christians flee Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, kidnappings, and church bombings. They hide while seeking asylum. CFI provides aid, church, & a school for refugee children.

In Garbage City, Christian children work alongside adults. CFI supports children and families in need.

“A pure genocide.” Militant Islamists massacre Christians, burn villages, kidnap girls. CFI helps survivors with seeds and farm tools, and widows to start small businesses.

Victory Bible Academy trains refugees from Burma to be self-sustaining Christian leaders.