The Connection Between Baby Puffins and Forage Fish

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Why has the number of seabirds in the world dropped by 70%?
Visual: puffin by the ocean grooming itself

Seabirds such as Atlantic Puffins rely on forage fish to survive
Visual: puffin carrying seaweed in its beak by the ocean

Tiny fist – like this haddock – are the building blocks of an ocean’s food ecosystem
But overfishing and climate change has caused this vital food source to disappear
Visual: puffin feeding its young haddock under a rocky area

Instead of forage fish, this puffling is trying to eat a butterfish – it's too big and not very nutritious
But sometimes, butterfish are the best puffin parents can do
Visual: puffin baby attempting to eat a butterfish under a rocky area

It’s time to improve forage fish management. Seabirds need your help to keep fish in our ocean.
Outro Screen: Audubon logo; stand up for Atlantic Puffins today:; video Christine Lin
Visual: black screen background