Elikis promotes CFC 88176 Foundation

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San Jorge Children's Foundation

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Elkis Cruz, who is currently a patient of our Foundation, appears sitting down on a school desk playing with dinosaurs. He starts the video explaining that he is a patient of the Foundation, while he is talking the CFC identification number is shown constantly at the top left of the video, subtitles are added while he is talking for better understanding. At one point he changes into a magician to invite people to donate to our cause. The video closes with the CFC campaign logo, and our CFC identification number.

Sound: Hello, my name is Elkis Cruz. I am a patient for La Fundación de Niños San Jorge. The Foundation helps cover our medical expenses, even my cool blue glasses. Yes, today I want to invite you to donate to 88176. All the money goes to help kids like me, Thank You.