Envision a Better World for Children

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Islamic Relief USA

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A female narrator speaks over footage of Islamic Relief beneficiaries:
[music plays] Envision.
Video of a child writing on a whiteboard
Envision the world of a child creating and imagining
Video of a child painting with watercolors
as they please. Envisioning a better world in their own way.
Video of a girl smiling, children smiling
We all want the best for the children in our lives.
Video of children running in an open field
Happy homes, a strong education, food to fill their bellies,
Videos of women laughing, a girl writing, and a family praying over their meal
and more. At Islamic Relief
Videos of children smiling, a young girl waving
We're working to make children Envision a better world through our
Video of students in a classroom clapping,
programs across the world.
Video of girls learning at school,
Help us create a brighter future for these children.
Videos of a woman walking with a young child, children entering into a school,
Donate today at IRUSA.org
Video of a boy smiling
[music fades]