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(Image of flooded houses)
(Image of flood rescue under way)
(View of stormwater retention pond)
Frank Weary - Chairman,-Exploration Green Conservancy: The biggest storm we’ve had here has been Harvey. It dropped between 50 and 60 inches of rain in this area alone.
(Aerial view of residential neighborhood)
Rachel MacCleery – Senior Vice President, Urban Land Institute: In cities like Houston, we’ve seen development grow, and that has created more impervious surfaces. Water that comes from storms doesn’t have anywhere to go. Communities are really getting creative when it comes to solutions.
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(Concept sketch of Exploration Green)
Frank Weary: The goal of Exploration Green continues to be flood mitigation. When it’s complete, we’ll be able to hold 500 million—half a billion—gallons of water in what has become a nature preserve, a center for the community, and a real plus to the community values, while protecting all the homes in the area. We are very proud of what we’ve done, and want to see it grow and be replicated.
(Aerial view of retention pond)
(Wildflowers blooming at Exploration Green)
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(Image of wetland habitat at Exploration Green)
Project impact:
• 200 acres of green space and wetlands that benefit 100+ native plant and wildlife species
• 500 million gallons of stormwater detention
• 500K+ southeast Houston residents served through education, volunteer and recreation opportunities
• $120 million increase in property values and $300 million saved from flood damage
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