Finding Stability at Our House

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Our House

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Video opens on the Our House logo, a heart in a house, followed by a mother, Lauren, playing with toys with her daughter Riley. The video continues with shots of Lauren speaking to the camera and playing with her daughter as Lauren says:

"I got in a cab, and spent $10 in change, the last I had, and this nice gentleman that I will never forget said 'just give me whatever you've got, and I'll get you there.' And so he brought me to Our House, and I didn't have to struggle after that. I didn't have to worry. Now I have this roof over my head with my daughter. Ok. This place can help you succeed. I'm thirty. It is time for me to have a life... to finally get on with my life. I am now an adult. Since I have been here for almost 9 months I am now truly a mother by myself. The difference I've seen in Riley, and the help that I got from that is amazing. She has her own voice now. She can tell me what she needs. She can tell me what's wrong. I never the first day coming here.. I never would have thought nor imagined that this place would have resources as it does.