Food Gatherers is Fighting Hunger Where We Live

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Food Gatherers

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Food Gatherers is Fighting Hunger Where We Live
Video Transcript
Food Gatherers, Ann Arbor, MI
CFC# 46782

[easygoing guitar music plays in background of entire video slideshow]

Slide 1: A photo of an orange Food Gatherers truck. Caption: “Food Gatherers is fighting hunger where we live”

Slide 2: A Food Gatherers staff member loads an emergency food box into a Food Gatherers truck. Caption: “With the support of staff,”

Slide 3: Three young adults pose with an oversized carrot in the Food Gatherers warehouse, Caption: “volunteers,”

Slide 4: A woman loads groceries into the back of a vehicle. Caption: “and community partners,”

Slide 5: A Food Gatherers intern poses, smiling, in front of a Food Gatherers truck, which is embellished with the logos of corporate sponsors. Caption: “we are supporting a network of 170+ hunger-relief partners”

Slide 6: A grandmother and her two young grandsons smile in front of Food Gatherers’ Summer Food Service van, while a volunteer helps in the background. Caption: “and increasing food security for children, adults, seniors, and veterans in our community.

Slide 7: “Here’s how you can help”

Slide 8: “Donate funds”

Slide 9: A volunteer in a winter coat with faux fur hood smiles while holding a bag of groceries. “Caption: “Every dollar makes a difference. Donate online, by check, or over the phone.”

Slide 10: “Volunteer”

Slide 11: A group of volunteers in blue shirts pose, smiling, with an oversized carrot outside the front door of Food Gatherers’ warehouse. Caption: “Sign up for a volunteer shift at our Food Gatherers warehouse or the Community Kitchen”

Slide 12: “Spread the word”

Slide 13: A food pantry volunteer holds a bin full of food with a big smile. The shelves around and behind him are stocked with nutritious foods. Caption: “Tell your community that Food Gatherers is here for anyone who needs food.”

Slide 14: A photo of one of Food Gatherers iconic orange trucks. In front of the truck are 18 Food Gatherers staff spaced out and wearing masks. Caption: “Food banks provide an essential service. You have an essential role. Discover yours today.”

Slide 15: “CFC #46782”. Food Gatherers’ carrot logo with the tagline, “fighting hunger where we live”. Caption: “For more information on all the ways you can make a difference, visit our website:”