Freedom Changes Everything

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Free the Slaves

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(upbeat music plays)
[video of a woman walking in the sunrise] [on screen text: 40 million people are enslaved. Freedom changes everything.]
[video of women working] [on screen text: a nourishing dinner]
[video of child drinking water from a pump] [on screen text: a drink of clean water]
[video of a baby standing] [on screen text: a visit to the doctor]
[video of a child sleeping] [on screen text: a safe place to sleep]
[image of woman smiling carrying goods on her head] [image of children smiling] [image of a group of women raising their hands]
[image of student smiling] [on screen text: it starts]
[image of women dancing] [on screen text: with]
[image of group of people walking] [on screen text: FREEDOM]
[image of children reading] [on screen text: EDUCATION starts with FREEDOM]
[image of two women standing] [on screen text: EQUALITY starts with FREEDOM]
[image of male farmer] [on screen text: DREAMS start with FREEDOM]
[image of old man’s face] [on screen text: DIGNITY starts with FREEDOM]
[image of women holding her son] [on screen text: FREEDOM starts with YOU]
[Freed the logo appears]