Helping Heroes Hunt

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Helping Heroes Hunt

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00:00:00:00 - 00:00:03:03
If you're a veteran
and you're looking for that, you know,

00:00:03:09 - 00:00:06:18
you're looking for to get something out
and do something out in the outdoors.

00:00:07:01 - 00:00:10:06
And you want to go hunting or fishing,
you know, and you want to spend some time

00:00:10:06 - 00:00:12:12
with some other veterans
out in the middle of nowhere.

00:00:13:13 - 00:00:15:02
This is the place to be.

00:00:15:02 - 00:00:18:19
You know, if there's somebody
that's looking and thinking they want

00:00:18:19 - 00:00:22:03
to sponsor something, you know,
I know how it is, putting your hard

00:00:22:03 - 00:00:24:13
earned money,
no matter if you have a bunch or a little

00:00:25:05 - 00:00:29:01
to an organization
that you don't really know or understand

00:00:29:01 - 00:00:33:06
what the whole mission is, it's
tough to do, you know what I mean?

00:00:33:13 - 00:00:37:10
You can, you know, rest assured
with total confidence, right.

00:00:37:12 - 00:00:41:10
So it's going to go in to what
you expect it to.

00:00:41:10 - 00:00:44:23
And that is all you could ask for
in a nonprofit organization

00:00:45:06 - 00:00:49:15
is that when you trust them
with your donation and no matter what size

00:00:50:02 - 00:00:51:23
that they're going to do with it,
what they tell you

00:00:51:23 - 00:00:54:02
they're going to do with it
and they're going to use the money for it.

00:00:54:02 - 00:00:55:20
You gave it to him for it.

00:00:55:20 - 00:00:59:19
That is what Heroes Ranch provides.