Land Trust Alliance

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Land Trust Alliance

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*Gentle Piano Music*
Scene of creek in field, text reads “America loses over 4,000 acres to development every day.”
Overhead scene of river, text reads “We empower Americans to protect vital lands and waters”
Scene of little girl in a field, text reads “to nourish and sustain future generations”
Overhead view of river, text reads “We are the Land Trust Alliance”
Low view of forest, text reads “we lead and serve a community of 1,000 nonprofit land trusts”
Scene of hikers in the woods, text reads “200,000 volunteers and nearly 5 million supporters”
Scene of duck and ducklings swimming, text reads “We help protect wildlife habitat and clean water”
Scene of roadside flowers in a city, text reads “parks, playgrounds and community gardens”
Scene of cows at sunset, text reads “family farms and ranches”
Scene of open field, text reads “and other special places”
Scene of father and son in a field, text reads “We help educate, advocate and reconnect children and adults with the outdoors”
Scene of a couple overlooking the sea, text reads “because land brings people together”
Scene of a woman doing yoga outside, text reads “nurturing their bodies and souls”
Scene of parents walking a baby through a field, text reads “Join us on the path to a brighter future- connected to land and our best selves”
Final screen with Alliance logo and website.