Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid Video

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Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid, Inc.

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Opening photo of kids / teens running down a dirt road
Best in America / certified by America’s Best Charities
Overcome crisis of faith LCRA
Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid

Our mission is to rebuild catholic – Christian Lithuania
CFC #10019

Since 1961 LCRA continues
To provide funding by distributing the funds raised
For projects endorsed
CFC #10019
By Local bishops and religious community superiors
Support for education of youth within faith
CFC #10019
Support for leadership training
CFC #10019
Support for volunteering programs
Support for children summer camps
CFC #10019
Support for socially disadvantaged children

Woman praying / Support for respectful care of the elderly and dignity of all peoples
CFC #10019

Several children in a school room / Support for various day center camps, seminars, meetings, and ongoing projects from Catholic parishes.

Support for various Catholic youth retreats
CFC #10019

Girls reading letters / Support for single parents’ educational programs

Several nuns – then photo changes to several adults and one kid / Support for various educational programs
CFC# 10019

Photo of youth in front. Of microphones / Helping youth overcome their crisis of faith
CFC # 10019

Girl with thumbs up
Text in dark blue against dark back drop, cannot make out the text / CFC# 10019

Best in America certified by America’s Best Charities # 10019

Operation Spreading Kindness since 1961
LCRA Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid
Team building with faith
CFC# 10019

And thank you for your support!
God Bless You!
CFC code #10019