POGO: The People's Watchdog

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The Project On Government Oversight

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We need your support to continue POGO’s critical work. Consider signing up to receive regular updates and to learn more about the organization. Together, we are helping achieve a federal government that is more open, ethical, accountable, and effective.Video written and narrated by local poet Jonathan Tucker, and produced by People’s TV.
POGO isn't just wishing Washington was better.
Pogo is the word the letter the details and the action.
Pogo is tightening the belt way creating the traction needed to root out corruption,
waste and fraud it's hard to know the weeds in DC, it's hard to even see the deal spinning,
it's hard to pedal up this mountain against a sea of lobbyists swimming upstream, it's hard to even dream of integrity, when corruption is readily viable, a reality of volatile
secrecy and waste it's hard to move forward at the pace of a FOIA.,
Freedom of Information only if you can afford to wait decades after the fact and
even then the truth is redacted it's hard to know what the government actually does
with our money, with it's power, so we the people, grow sour.
The money pot rots a foul stench, most turn their heads, but POGO runs in and digs a trench, heads down in the bureaucratic weeds
POGO is the investigative army our people's democracy needs.