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Paws of Honor, Inc.

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PAWS OF HONOR covers costs for lifesaving veterinary care for retired law enforcement and military K9s. (Image: K9 Lobo. German Shepherd with ball in mouth, law enforcement U.S. flag with blue stripe behind him in background; Image: K9 Lobo sitting in police cruiser.).

This is K9 Hero. He developed PTSD due to a traumatic muzzle injury and was forced to retire in 2015. (Image: K9 Hero... German Shepherd looking into camera).

This is K9 Bodhi. After a great Fairfax County PD Career and peaceful retirement, Bodhi loaded up in his handler's Cruiser for one last ride. (Image: K9 Bodhi, a black german shepherd, with US Flag background, and image of K-9 Bodhi's Fairfax County Police Department crest). PAWS OF HONOR was privileged to pay for his final vet bills. (Video: Funeral procession with department employees standing at attention as the car passes. Banner on video states, "Thank you for your service K9 Bodhi").

This is K9 Bubba. Bubba spent 7 years of her life in Bahrain working for the United States Navy. (Image: Belgian Malinois wearing Navy cap, sitting in front of handler.)

From Bubba's handler, John "Over the years, Bubba has developed hip dysplasia, spondylosis, and arthritis."

"Although she refuses to believe that these conditions limit her in any way, the cost of taking care of her would be substantial." (Image: Belgian Malinois Bubba close-up looking at camera, wearing Navy cap)

Your Support shows our four-legged heroes, and their handlers, that their service and sacrifices are not forgotten (Image: K9 Cesar, a German Shepherd, wearing red antlers, and seated in front of a smiling Santa in front of a Christmas Tree)

Thanks to our Donors we have been able to cover over $1,900,000 in veterinary expenses since 2015. (Image: K9 Knox, a Belgian Malanois, eyes closed, drinking water from a cup). (Image: K9 Gears: A black labrador retreiver, lying against a pillow holding a rose).

PAWS OF HONOR has provided care for 405 retired K9s in 35 states to date! (K9 Duke. A black German Shepherd, with his handler Staff Sergeant Jordan, looking at camera wearing desert gear. Duke is wearing desert eye protection sunglasses/sand protection, and has a blue ball in his mouth.)

Please support our nation's heroes! CFC #97067 (Image: K9 Rriverso, a yellow Labrador Retriever, taking a command from his handler beside a TSA telephone and keypad).

PAWS of HONOR: Two Heroes, One Leash logo, with CFC #97067 beneath.