Public Lands can Help Fight the Climate Crisis

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The Wilderness Society

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For too long, public lands have been managed to benefit corporate polluters.
Visual: natural gas mining location

Harming our health and contributing to climate change.
Visual: overhead view of city with air pollution

It doesn’t have to be this way.
Public lands can help fight the climate crisis.
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1 Renewable energy projects on public lands could power thousands of homes with clean energy.
Visual: spinning earth

2 Protected forests and wetlands can absorb dangerous climate change emissions
Visual: forest/wetlands

3 Connected wildlands can help wildlife and communities adapt to our changing climate.
Visual: a bear with birds flying around it

Learn more about how public lands can help to fight climate change.
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We have a clear choice ahead of us: allow public lands to remain a major source of climate change emissions that wreck our environment, or phase out fossil fuel development on public lands in order to tackle the Climate Crisis.