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Julia Lederer, sister of the late Zachary Lederer who founded Zaching Against Cancer explains the history and mission of ZACF.

Hi, I’m Julia Lederer with Zaching Against Cancer Foundation which was started by my brother Zachary Lederer who passed away from brain cancer at the age of 20. While Zach was leaving chemo one day, he saw a fellow cancer patient standing at the bus stop in the rain waiting for the bus to pick her up. This really bothered Zach and since that day he had vowed to help all cancer patients have the same support system that he had. Zaching Against Cancer does a number of things. We help them financially whether it's medical or non-medical daily expenses. We have wellness programs, we have care packages that we send out, retreats and a coping with cancer cannabis program. We would love your support to continue Zach’s mission of helping cancer patients of all ages and all types of cancer.