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Treya - Three Legs and a Huge Heart

We recommend avoiding the use of inhumane traps, and for a good reason: we don’t want animals to suffer. So, when tiny kitten, Treya, was caught in one it was not pretty, but her will to live is amazing. Thankfully, a good Samaritan found Treya and brought her to Peninsula Humane Society after freeing her from an inhumane rat trap.
Treya’s front right paw was crushed and became deformed by the trap, causing her an incredible amount of pain. In addition to her paw injury, her overall condition was poor. She was very thin, dehydrated, and anemic due to blood loss.

Thank you to our Veteran Volunteers who continue to serve their community.

Throughout our 5-county service area, we come across some of the most giving people who are connected to Central California Food Bank's mission.

Meet Jim, a veteran, who volunteers at the Hanford Salvation Army's monthly Neighborhood Market. Jim has been volunteering in Kings County for many years and feels a great responsibility to give back to the Salvation Army because of the resources they provide to the people of Hanford and veterans such as himself.

Rising Costs, Harder Choices

Parenthood is often defined by difficult choices, but for parents facing food insecurity, those choices can feel impossible. We recently met Yelani at a Food Bank distribution in Pittsburg. Yelani is a young mother of two who loves to cook and make purees for her baby with the fresh fruits and veggies she receives from the Community Produce Program. She lives in a household of four and told us how the free food she receives helps alleviate some of the stress created by limited resources and rising costs. “This program is super helpful and means we don’t have to shop as much,” she said.

Thank you for supporting neighbors in need

At Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS), we are dedicated to assisting those in need in our community. Over the past two years, food insecurity has risen by over 40%. There are now approximately 250,000 individuals experiencing hunger in Sacramento County, half of which are under the age of 18. To meet this need, SFBFS distributes 2.8 million pounds of food every month – that’s 2.3 million meals!