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Don a 62-year-old homeless veteran living with chronic dental pain.

Don a 62-year-old homeless veteran living with chronic dental pain.
Don served our country proudly for 22 years. He had some bad breaks in life, found himself homeless, and in desperate need of dental care; he does not qualify for dental care through the V.A. because his condition is not 100 percent related to his service. He was forced to live with the pain.
The pain is so great that you look for pain medication off the street and found himself addicted.

Hope and Healing through Outstanding Pediatric Care

Carter Ballard had his first open heart surgery at nine days old and had his second at eight months old. Diagnosed with multiple heart defects, Carter received a tracheostomy tube shortly before his first birthday.

After spending the first year of his life in a hospital ward, Carter was admitted to Bethany Children’s Health Center in July of 2020, dependent on a ventilator and feeding tube. Carter’s mom, Charlee, says, “Carter wasn’t able to sit up. He was basically bed bound. He didn’t have a lot of muscle and had no motor skills at all.”

Meet Lincoln!

Monday, November 7, 2016, at 2:33PM, our family’s life changed forever. We patiently waited to see if we were adding a little brother or a little sister to our family. After three boys, we were finally giving them a sister! Though, the excitement quickly faded to anxiety, fear, and chaos. Immediately, Lincoln was rushed outside the room to be resuscitated. She was completely lifeless. She was rushed to the NICU by the nurses, then put into hypothermia to preserve her brain tissue. Not long after, the NICU doctor came into my delivery room and asked us many questions.

Finding employment success

In 1992, a young, single father of two small
sons was in a precarious situation. Like most
parents, he needed a job so he could support
his children. The hitch? Derek Burton has
limitations which affect his mobility and ability
to stand. But not his spirit or determination.
He’d worked for a decade at Sears, and
during his tenure there had earned his
associate’s degree in computer science from
Oklahoma City Community College. When
Derek heard Sears was closing that store, he
felt like a heavy weight had been placed on

United Way of Central Oklahoma's WayFinder Innovation Grant

The WayFinder Innovation Grant is a funding opportunity that the United Way of Central Oklahoma (UWCO) offers annually to any 501(c)3 nonprofits in central Oklahoma. Nonprofit agencies that are eligible to apply include those that offer health and human services programs, are audited annually, and are located in the UWCO service area. This grant opportunity is for one-time funding up to $250,000 towards an innovative program idea that does not already exist in central Oklahoma.

Healing and Justice for Amy

When Amy* came to The Bridge, she wanted the abuse she was suffering at the hands of a family member to stop. It took tremendous courage to speak out, especially when family members did not support her. Amy grew to trust the specially-trained forensic interviewer who listened to her story. Thanks to the Children's Advocacy Model, Amy only had to share her story one time. This recorded interview was entered into evidence and an entire team of professionals went to work to protect Amy and provide her justice.

Positive Tomorrows Family Road to Recovery

In the summer of 2018, Christy and her two kiddos, Kara and Caleb, became homeless. During that time, they would switch between being couch homeless and sleeping in their car. At the same time, Christy was experiencing domestic violence at the hands of Kara's father and also struggling with substance abuse. Kara was eventually placed in to foster care, and Caleb was in guardianship with his grandparent. In December 2019, Christy went into a treatment center to focus on recovery from her substance abuse. She graduated from the center in September 2020 and moved into sober living.