19: South Central Texas

Bonnie Blue Eyes - How could we say no??

How could we say, “no?”

My team came to me to share with me the story of a pup who had suffered severe abuse. They wanted San Antonio Pets Alive! to step in to save her life. As difficult as it is to see and hear about cases of neglect, pain, and sadness when animals are pulled into our care, we are grateful that we can be there for them, in their time of need.

I knew, and SAPA!’s lifesaving team knew, you’d help us cover her medical expenses, so she has a chance to live the life she deserves and was meant to live.

Fiesta Especial...Creating the leaders of tomorrow

When we think about a leader, we might conjure up an image of someone we've seen on TV, a local politician, or a mentor or family member that has guided us along a successful path at some point in our lives. At disABILITYsa, we think of the numerous young men and women who live with disabilities, faced with an inordinate number of barriers to independence and inclusion, and yet step into each day with the determination to contribute, be role models, and advance the attitudes, policies, and environments around them.